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The films of today beg for unbiased and casual review. Too often are the ratings skewed for every reason but the purpose of them. To rate a movie for how it is. For the love and passion put forward by the actors, director, and film crew. Too often is this hard work overshadowed by bandwagons and corporate greed. Nowadays, most don’t want to feel alone on an opinion. Luckily, you might just have a family here to stand with.

Skinamarink: A Horror Standout

Skinamarink is a 2022 Canadian experimental horror film written and directed by Kyle Edward Ball in his feature directorial debut.[5] The film follows two children who wake up during the night to discover that they cannot find their father, and that the windows, doors, and other objects in their house are disappearing.


Simply put, this movie is an anomaly. Even beyond the horror genre, there is not another film like this that was presented in theaters around the country. With stagnations plaguing the industry when it comes to leaning on successful, already established IP’s (take your bled dry Marvel or Star Wars movie for example). Even for horror movies, out of the countless indie films I have watched, and the even fewer I came out of thinking deeper into. This one is pure example of a suggestions driven story. Go see this if it is in theater! It is the best way to have the experience the directors intended. You also show your support and interest so that we may get more pieces of art like this on in the future.


There’s so little, and yet so much that could be said about this movie. There is no traditional plot; if any at all. It simply just begins to exists just as it simply ceases to. I’ll be honest. I went into this movie pretty nervous, from its notoriety on horror forums for causing audience goers to walk out from the anxiety it induces; To it being toted as the next “Paranormal Activity” or this generations “Blair Witch.” While I don’t believe these films can be compared really (unless we’re talking about sharing the liminal budget of only $15,000) that doesn’t discredit what it accomplished in its 140 minute run time.

Think of the feeling you get when a character in a movie is reaching for the closet door after hearing noise from inside; the slow movement of the hand towards the handle, the winding up music that slowly gets louder and louder, all until they grab onto the handle and swing it open. That feeling that you feel during that moment is stressful; it puts you on the edge of your seat as you wince back in preparation for whatever might show itself. Now imagine that feeling being stretched out for the entire length of a movie. Sounds kind of dreadful, right? It was, yet it was entirely refreshing to be put through an experience unlike any other.

Fear not, though. While the movie is thick with a creepy and nostalgic atmosphere that never comes to a halt. It never utilities its full capability to horrify someone, which is both a good thing and a bad. For me, it let the other factors that this movie has going for it to the forefront. Instead of one moment sticking in your mind, the piece as a whole is there instead. Except for one moment or to but I’d want you to go find out for yourself.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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